Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Diary of Inhuman Species

The 'what?', you may well ask. Do inhuman species keep diaries? Who knows? Should they? Anyway, this particular diary concerns a website with the appealing subtitle 'Discover one astonishing monster a day'. To give you an idea, here is a sample illustration:
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Nice, isn't it? There are lots more monsters / aliens / animals to discover on the site. I think they have a French flavour to them I cannot put my finger on; it probably has something to do with the combination of very fine workmanship and a sense of humour, or at least not taking oneself too seriously. The beings shown here are rather funny. I tend to look at such creations with an eye on biomechanical plausibility. I won't be doing that here, as that would kill the joy of looking at the beasties. If there is one thing exuding from this site, it is that the author (Stan) has fun. I'll be buying the 416-page book (and hope that it contains at least 400 animals). Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hey !! I'm Stan !!! Thanks for that post !! Everything on my blog is totally true and is a testimony about my alien abducted experience !! ;)
Yes, they are more than 400 monsters in my book,don't afraid to buy it !!
Thanks again and again for your kindly words.

Sigmund Nastrazzurro said...

Hi Stan! Who are you!?

Yesterday I found my copy of dBD in the mail (February issue) and on page 84 there was something about your book, right next to a Moebius book. So I looked it up and I so much taken with it that I decided to put it up on the Fuhara blog.

The last few minutes I did some more Googling and now I am completely confused: you sound totally American and yet I only find French references!?

Or is that due to the aliens who messed with your mind? (in which case I cannot guess which bit is the alienized bit) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Gosh !! I'm discovered !!! Yes I'm French. I write and draw comics books since almost twenty years, for France and also sometime for U.S (Tarzan, Doc Savage, the Shadow...) I use to work with my all time friend's "Vince".The Diary is my first solo experience since long time !
So, I'm not American !! (my English is poor as a french guy :D)

Sigmund Nastrazzurro said...

Cher Stan,

J'ai quelques questions que je voudrais vous poser; voulez vous me contacter par email?