Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Just an aside on 'the future is wild'

I suppose that people with an interest in 'fictional biology' are among the readers of this blog. I do not think I will have to introduce the TV-series 'The future is wild' to them, so I won't. However, something that may have escaped attention is a theme park in France called futuroscope. It has the animals of 'The future is wild' parading in front of you, in what is 'enhanced reality': you look through goggles at a stage set with rocks etc., or so I gather. The image of the animals is then cleverly added to the image you personally see, thereby allowing you not just a personal vision of the scene, but to interact with the animals. They also have a bit of software you can use at home to try this out, if you have a webcam.

The techology is very intriguing. The site appears to be in French only, but if you wish to see what it looks like to have a squibbon jump on your hand, select 'le blog' and watch the videos. Intriguing, but odd.

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Metalraptor said...

What I am tired with is the same animals from the Future is Wild being used over and over again. The kids TV show, this theme park...ENOUGH! There is only so many times you can see toratons, carakillers, and shagrats parade in front of you before you begin to get sick of it.