Wednesday 13 November 2019

Work in progress: the prigoon again

Lately, I have been wondering whether it is really a good idea to keep the paintings hidden until the publication of the eventual book. If I do not show the paintings, then I should probably keep interest going by writing posts more often. But the kind of posts I write, with literature searches and illustrations made to order, take a lot of time.

Perhaps I should write some shorter posts instead, just short ones, without much depth. Let me known what you think of such an approach.

Click to enlarge; copyright Gert van Dijk
 To try it out, here is a work in progress: I have worked on the prigoon's head and back shield. I like painting textures, and thought I should try my hand at iridescence.  The legs need to be detailed, but that is fairly boring work. After that I wil work on the shdows some more, because the animal is a bit flat right now. At the very end I will probably use blurring to create the idea of macro photography.