Sunday, 24 May 2009

A forest in 'Dan Dare'

Sorry, but I haven't really got time to write a blog this week. Instead, I will just provide something to look at: it is half a page from the late-fifties British comics magazine the Eagle, and specifically a page of 'Dan Dare', a stiff upper lipped hero. The page is from the story 'The man from nowehere, and finds the multispecies group just after crash landing on a planet. The drawings were by Frank Hampson, and -at least initially- much time was spent designing characters, props, etc. Many the stories are set in space or in a high-tech setting, so there aren't that many plants and animals. There are various humanoid aliens, though. Just have a look at this website. More information can be found on Wikipedia. The stories are being republished and can easily by found through Amazon. But here is a forest scene. I guess that many of the details may not hacve an immediate biological meaning, but I admit that I do not design all background organisms anything in intricate detail either. I like the designs though. I think that I could have designed something very similar to he umbrella-shaped branches in the background of the third panel on top. I partiuclarly like the root or stem supporting it. Nice, isn't it?
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