Wednesday, 25 March 2009

South of Brussels II

© Marc Boulay / Sylvia Lorrain - ADAGP Paris 2000-2009
© Jean-S├ębastien Steyer - CNRS 2000-2009

Meanwhile, our French friends responsible for the Brussels exposition discussed earlier, not just once but twice, have updated their three websites (here, here and a new link here). As you can see they were happy with the attention drawn to their work on my site, just as I was to have discovered theirs. They are promising to open a gallery about their animals of the future. Worth looking into. Here's a Phoruschacos. I thought you might like to know.

By the way, I will probably have to come back to the blog slightly less frequently, or else there will never be any new Furaha work, nor the new books on Snaiad and elsewhere, nor the Galfloat page, nor the Eponan rinascimento, etc....

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