Saturday, 23 March 2013

A challenge for the speculative exobiology experts out there

I decided to NOT present another chapter on spidrids this time, seeing as how I presented two posts in a row on that subject already. There is definitely more to say on spidrids, and I will do so, but the next spidrid post will be better if I take more time. Another argument to step away from all those little and not-so-little spidrids scurrying around my feet is that I found myself thinking "Earth crab locomotion really resembles Furahan spidrid walks more than I expected". When you start taking fictional animals as the yardstick against which Earth animals are compared, it is perhaps time to tone the level of 'biogeekery' down a bit. Well, not that much, really, as instead of a post on spidrid gaits I will present you with a question challenging your level of expertise in this particular field.

Click to enlarge
What's the animal you see here? Mind you, I altered the image a bit to make it slightly more difficult. I will reveal the source in a week. The prize is a virtual plaque with your achievement on it on the wall of the Virtual Main Hall of the Institute of Furahan Biology. That's something, isn't it?   


Anonymous said... of the Venusian fauna, from Dr Grordbort ('s my guess.

Petr said...

Damn. too late. =(
It honestly looks like something from from Dr Grordbort...