Monday, 21 January 2013

Furaha on the silver screen: "How to describe a cloud"

In previous posts I had mentioned that Furaha would appear in a film, hadn't I? Yes, I had; the proof is here, in a post of almost one year ago.

Well, the wait is almost over. Next Saturday the film will see its world première at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. The director is David Verbeek, and the film is produced by Conijn Films. The film is in Chinese, but it is a Dutch film nevertheless. I will write more about it later. Meanwhile, here is the information from the website of the festival (right here):

"A young woman in Taipei is confronted with the blindness of her mother who is convinced she has a sixth sense. Shot with little facilities, but it is Verbeek’s most mature film - about uprooting, spirituality and modernity. Nominated for The Big Screen Award.

David Verbeek made this film on a tiny budget in the lull before his larger Dead & Beautiful had been fully financed. With its reflections on the role of spirituality in modern society, this film may be a precursor to his next, a socially critical vampire film.

But How to Describe a Cloud can stand on its own two feet. The story of Liling seems to unfold intuitively. When her mother goes blind, the young musician is suddenly forced to leave her big-city cocoon and return to the small island where she grew up. There, her scientific approach to blindness, in which she presents the world to her mother through words on the advice of the doctor, clashes with her old mother's spiritual approach. She argues that she can’t see the world around her any more, but can still sense it. Could the science fiction drawings of the former scientist with whom she flirts in the city provide mediation? Also see Immortelle in Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films."

Just guess who made the 'science fiction drawings of the former scientist'... To prove that, here is the film's trailer (there is a much better quality version on YouTube here).

 Exciting, isn't it?


Petr said...

Wow! For the first time I have witnessed a post being added! :D
This is how I know I am addicted to furaha... :D
YOu have my sincere congratulations! :)

Anonymous said...


(next stop, novelization) :)

seriously, Congratulations!

Arachnus said...

Aw, what about those of us that don't live in the Netherlands? Congrats on the film though!

Christopher Phoenix said...

Very neat stuff- congrats on having your designs in a movie!! :D It is kind of cool how the Kepler telescope's ever-growing list of exoplants, and the scientific possibility of life upon them, has pervaded our world.

I would very much like to see this movie- do you happen to know if it will be available in the United States? Not only do your beautiful creature paintings draw me in, but the movie itself sounds quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

Is that you actually making the pictures in the movie?

Sigmund Nastrazzurro said...

To all: thank you!

Arachnus & Christopher: The director and producer told me that the trick is to get your film shown at the right film festivals. A distribution firm will the hopefully see your film and market it in the country or countries they tend to. It is too early to tell whether this will happen, but when I find out, I will mention it here. I expect it to be shown in art house theatres.

Anonymous: No, that is not me, but an actor. I do not physically appear in the film.

Petr said...

@SN - But Gert van Dijk is such an asian-sounding name... ;P