Thursday, 9 September 2010

Alien plants III: whose plants are these?

While the busiest part of the year for me usually lasts from the middle of August to the middle of July, the present period presents problematic peaks. In short: not enough time.

Therefore I will just continue the alien plants theme by showing a few images of otherworldly plants. So who made them? Do you know?

I warn you that I cheated: the images have been altered to prevent any immediate recognition. I will post the answer in a next post, along with the unaltered images.

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j. w. bjerk said...

#1 looks like real-world pitcher plants.
#2 might be the same thing-the detail is harder to make out-- though i wouldn't expect them to be blue.

#3 might be some weird sort of flower that only allows a very specific sort of pollinator to enter-- just guessing there.

Anonymous said...

Glass artist Dale Chihuly. I saw one of his exhibits at the Fred Meijer Garden and Sculpture Park: