Thursday, 1 November 2018

Furaha in ImagineFX

ImagineFX is a Bitish magazine devoted to art in science fiction, fantasy and gaming settings. Its webiste is here, and here is its YouTube channel. Most of the content is about digital painting, but they also discuss 3D applications, a bit of hardware and conventional art.

They devote several pages to work sent to them by readers, and so I decided several months ago to try my luck. I sent five images with a bit of text and waited. I wouldn't write this if the result would have been 'Thank you but no'. So, some as yet unseen images of Furaha will feature in issue 168 of Imagine FX, that will go on sale in the UK on Friday 2nd November (I think that this is the December issue, by the way). I was informed that that issue will reach the US, Canada and Australia three weeks after that date.

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I haven't seen the issue yet, so I have no idea whether they will devote one or two pages to my work nor which paintings they selected. I just thought that those of you who absolutely cannot wait, and who live in the UK, might wish to know. The cover is shown above so you will know what to look for. I expect to get my own copy shortly, so I will probably write some more about it before the magazine becomes available beyond the UK.

Oh yes; a post on the 'Seager Equation' will appear this weekend, and one on the 'Nastrazzurro Equation' probably two weeks later.     


Anonymous said...


bookdream said...

I too had never heard of this magazine but then while searching for something else I was in WHSmith earlier and, lo and behold!, there it was. I looked and you have a 2 page spread of 4 pictures. If you haven't got a copy yet, I can send you a picture of the pages if you tell me how.

Sigmund Nastrazzurro said...

Bookdream: thank you for the offer! I have a subscription, and my issue arrived today; I found the results exactly as you describe. I would like to post the results on my blog, but feel that it would be unfair to the magazine to do so. I may reconsider when the issue with my work in ot is no longer the current one.

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Petr said...

Glad they put you in print! :)

Are the pictures some super secret ones we haven't seen yet? :D