Saturday, 8 October 2016

Painting Arrival at Furaha III: characters

In this video I am trying to get a feel for the characters. I added a cat for some mystery; if you have a very large roomy spaceship, you can have a ship's cat too, I thought. Besides, by having it look at the viewer the painting becomes more interesting.
  In the next stage the feeling will change completely: here, the canvas is very light, but the painting as a whole will be dark. It is just easier to sketch clothing this way. I decided that the temperature aboard ship is fairly high, so people wear loose clothing. 


Spugpow said...

It's interesting--the figure on the left must be anatomically correct, but he looks subtly wrong to me. The legs seem too bowed, perhaps because of the way his pants alter his silhouette. Could just be me.

Everything else, from the costumes to the composition to the art nouveau-ish windows, is looking great!

Sigmund Nastrazzurro said...

Spugpow: Could it be the feet? They are placed in parallel, whereas may people stand with their front of the feet further apart than the heels.

Spugpow said...

I think it is the feet, yeah.